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Like many music teachers, I had to adapt to teaching my music students online during the pandemic. 

If you are considering online piano lessons but aren't sure how it works, I've provided some answers here to the most common questions I get asked. I hope this helps you make your decision but if you need more advice, please contact me.

Are remote piano lessons effective?

Remote piano lessons through platforms such as Zoom have become very common and have proved to work extremely well. 

As we are both sat at our pianos, I will be able to demonstrate and show you how to play certain things — this is like having the advantage of two pianos in the same room!


Virtual lessons also save you time and money because you don't have to travel to a teacher's house and back. It also means you don't need to find a teacher who's local, so you have a wider pool to choose from. 

For all these reasons, many students now ask for remote piano lessons as their preferred choice.

How do online piano lessons work?

I use Zoom for video conferencing in my piano lessons. It is a free app and very simple to use.


As long as you have reasonable wifi, plus a tablet, laptop or even a smartphone, then it is simple and effective. I will email you a unique code to access our remote lesson. All you need to do is make sure your device is positioned carefully so I can see you and your piano keys. Then we are ready to go!

I will have a copy of your music in front of me and will be sat at my piano so I am able to demonstrate how your piece should sound. I might ask you to annotate your music — young children would benefit from having a parent to help with this. 

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